Supplemental Application


You will need your OUAC and UofT applicant numbers (see Steps One and Two, above) to fill out the Supplemental Application. If you do not enter a valid OUAC and UofT applicant number, your Supplemental Application will not be considered. 

Once you register for the Supplemental Application you will receive an e-mail from with a link. This allows you to start the Supplemental Application and return to it as many times as you wish if you choose not to complete it all in one sitting. Once you begin the process, your answers are automatically saved. When you leave and sign-in again, you will be taken to the last question you completed.  A .pdf copy of the Supplemental Application is provided here for you, if you wish to review before beginning the on-line application.

PDF icon2017_Supplemental_Application_ToVIEW.pdf (88.65 KB)

Your supplemental application must be an original piece of work. The Program will perform random checks of applicants’ supplemental application through for detection of possible plagiarism. Applicants will not be informed that their application has been submitted for comparison. Applications submitted to will be included as source documents in the reference database, where they will be used solely for the purpose of detecting plagiarism. The terms that apply to the University’s use of the service are described on the website. If you do not consent to your application being submitted to, you must contact the Admissions Coordinator, by email, by February 1st to indicate this preference.

Should you have any questions please contact the BScPA Program office's Admissions Coordinator at: or by phone: 416-978-1676  

Apply: Click here to register for the Supplemental Application

Once you register, an email will be sent to you with the link to the Supplemental Application.  Only people who register for the Supplemental Application will be able to access the Supplemental Application.


The deadline for submission of online Supplemental Application is: February 1st


$200 (payable to BScPA Program) is due upon submission of the online Supplemental Application. Please pay only ONE time.  If someone pays the Supplemental Application fee for you, such that your name does not show as the payer, please email with the information - your name and UofT Applicant number as well as the name of the person who has paid for you.

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