Mission and Values


Our mission is to deliver Physician Assistant education programs built on a foundation of social accountability, particularly to rural, remote and underserved communities.

Guiding Strategies

The Consortium of PA Education is guided in the development of the professional degree programs by the following core strategies:

The collaboration of multi-institutional delivery of innovative professional degree programs, by way of academic excellence, simulations and interprofessional education, and diverse clinical placements.

The optimization of technology to support and deliver leading-edge curriculum, including web-based, audio-visual, experiential simulation and distance education technologies.

The commitment to educate PA students and to encourage and support clinical experiences in rural, remote and underserved areas, in order to increase access to healthcare throughout Ontario.

Our Core Values

To equip graduates with the capability to establish a sustainable Canadian PA professional identity based on principles of:

Social accountability: contributing to a sustainable healthcare system

Professionalism: that entails the establishment of an identity for PAs in a variety of healthcare settings, focusing on primary care

Inter-professional collaboration: that includes the advancement of collaborative patient-centred practice

Critical thinking and life-long learning: that enhances the effectiveness of services provided by physicians and other members of the healthcare team


The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) has accorded the BScPA Program a 6 year accreditation status to December 2017.

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