Step Three: Transcripts and Proof of English Language Proficiency

DEADLINE: February 1st

Applicants are strongly recommended to ensure transcripts and any other required supporting documents are submitted to Enrolment Services well in advance of the published deadline. It is to the applicant's advantage to submit all required documents as soon as possible after the online application has been submitted. Documents received after the published document deadline will not be reviewed.

Applicants can track their application status at (see Step Two).

Note for applicants educated outside of Canada: Enrolment Services evaluates international transcripts at no additional fee. Academic credential evaluations from an outside agency such as ICAS, ICES, WES or MCC will not be considered.

If your first language (the language you learned at home as a child and still understand) is not English, you may be required to present proof of English facility. Click here for information on English Language Requirements.

Please note that marks in the TOEFL discretionary range as written on the Enrolment Services website will not be considered. Only marks meeting the Minimum Requirement will be accepted.

Proof of English facility must be submitted to Enrolment Services by the published document deadline.  Late submissions will not be accepted.

If you have any additional questions regarding English language proficiency or transcripts, contact Enrolment Services at Tel. 416-978-2190.

Applicants are required to have all transcripts and proof of English facility (if applicable) sent directly to:

Enrolment Services University of Toronto:
172 St. George Street,
Toronto, Canada,
M5R 0A3,
Tel.:(416) 978-2190.

Do not send transcripts or proof of English facility to the BScPA Program Office. Note: The BScPA Program does not assess individual candidates for admission eligibility without a completed application. If ALL documents are not received by the deadline date, the application will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed by the Admissions and Selection Committee.


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