Admission Requirements

The Consortium of PA Education will consider applications from students who have completed a minimum of two years of university study (10 university credits) and have the required health care experience.The cumulative GPA (cGPA) is calculated from all undergraduate level courses taken by the applicant.

Undergraduate Applicants

Students attending/who attended any Canadian university taking programs that lead to degrees in any discipline (e.g. arts, engineering, pharmacy, science) may apply for admission, provided they have fulfilled the academic and experiential requirements. No preference will be given to one program over another or to one university over another. Please note: the level of courses should correspond to the “year” of program.

CEGEP Applicants

Applicants who have completed the D.E.C. in Quebec may apply for admission if they have completed a total of at least 10 full-course credits which may include CEGEP transfer credits - prior to enrolment in our program. Applicants who have completed the CEGEP program must also submit transcripts from their CEGEP program.

Applicants from Non-Canadian Universities

Applicants who attended non-Canadian universities must complete the equivalent of two years of a Canadian university undergraduate program, as interpreted by the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto. Applicants are required to supply Enrolment Services with a certified academic record (transcript/statement of marks/marks certificate/index) that contains individual course grades for all academic work in each year of study. Official documents must be issued by recognized, degree-granting institutions.
The academic credential evaluations from outside agencies such as ICAS, ICES or WES are not required and will not be accepted.

Send all required international transcripts directly to Enrolment Services.172 St. George St., Toronto, ON, M5R 0A3

If you have any additional questions regarding Transcripts, contact Enrolment Services at Tel. 416-978-2190.

English Language Proficiency

If your first language (the language you learned at home as a child and still understand) is not English, you may be required to present proof of English facility. Click here for information on English Language Requirements.

Please note that marks in the TOEFL discretionary range as written on the Enrolment Services website will not be considered. Only marks meeting the Minimum Requirement will be accepted.

Proof of English facility must be submitted to Enrolment Services by the published document deadline.  Late submissions will not be accepted.

If you have any additional questions regarding English language proficiency, contact Enrolment Services at Tel. 416-978-2190.

Graduate Applicants

Graduate work will not be considered unless it is complete and the degree has been conferred by the application deadline. Individual grades received for course work taken as part of a graduate degree will not be included in the calculation of the grade point average (GPA).

Admission Requirements for All Applicants

The BScPA Program has the following admission requirements:

  1. Canadian Citizenship or Permanent Resident Status required.
  2. Minimum 10 full-year courses (20 half-year courses) or the equivalent of 4 semesters full time of undergraduate university education from a recognized university.
  3. Minimum cGPA of 2.7 calculated on the OMSAS scale. All completed undergraduate studies will be considered in the calculation of the cGPA.
  4. Minimum of 910 hours of healthcare experience. All forms of health care experiences are considered toward the minimum requirement; Healthcare experience can be obtained through employment, clinical placements as part of healthcare educational programs, or as a volunteer.

Healthcare experience will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • the level of involvement in direct patient care
  • the specific clinical duties performed
  • the level of supervision
  • the total number of hours
  • the type of clinical setting
  • the recency of experience

Applicants are expected  to provide information on all of their previous healthcare experiences, not only the minimum 910 hours. Applicants are also expected to provide as much detail as possible in their supplemental application in order for their application to be assessed.  Information provided by the applicant is subject to verification by the Program.

A list of health occupations that are officially identified by the Canadian Government can be found at: Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.

The program cannot confirm if individual healthcare experience is appropriate.

Preferred Admission Criteria

Preference will be given to applicants who have any of the following:

  1. One full-year course* (post-secondary level) or equivalent in each of:
    • Human Anatomy
    • Chemistry
    • Physiology  
  2. Healthcare Experience that is recent (within last 5 years).
  3. Direct hands-on patient care experience in a clinical setting
  4. Paid positions as a healthcare provider
  5. Are a current resident of Ontario
  6. Have been a resident, as an adult, in a northern or rural community. (For Ontario, "rural" = Rurality index of 40 or more; outside of Ontario, "rural" = population of <15,000)

*Courses must be completed prior to the application deadline, if the applicant would like the courses to be considered in the application process. If they have not been completed, and are not showing as current registrations on the applicant's transcript, the course/courses will not be considered in the application.

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